Flavour is the key factor in food preference; it is what makes a food different and appetizing.

The objective of the Flavours Division is to develop cutting edge flavour compounds. Our teams of specialists design flavours of the highest quality through a combination of science and passion, working closely with our clients to create food products which become market leaders.

Dairy Sector:
Trendy flavours for application in set and RTD yoghurts, milk shakes, acid dairy beverages and fermented milks.


Confectionary Sector:
Experienced manufacturers of expansive, long lasting flavours with excellent plastifying behaviour in bubble-, chewing- and coated pellet- gum in sugar and sugarfree formulations. In-house application.
Design of flavours in sweet jellies, gummies and extruded liquorice, in different recipes with hydrocolloids: gelatine, pectin, agar-agar and starches. Expertise in deposited and stamped hard boiled candies and soft chews.
Bakery Sector:
Strength in oven stable fruity and dairy flavourings and natural flavours for laminated, wire-cut, rotary and depositing biscuits and natural oven stable savoury profiles in crackers.
Expertise in yeast fermented doughs and puff pastries, cakes, muffins and specialty breads.
Leaders in flavours for table margarine, low-fat spreads, artisanal and industrial margarines and process tested butter flavours for deep- and pan-frying.
Meat Sector:
Heritage in meaty, spicy, herbal, and smoky flavours for injected cooked cured pork, beef and poultry products.
Experts in fresh, cooked, dry ripened or fermented sausages, low or high cost recipes, coarsely ground or emulsions.
High-tech tools and know-how in boosting acceptability of meat products by matching traditional culinary recipes and processes.

Snack Sector
Aromatic meaty notes for application in crisps, pellets, tortillas and extruded snacks, in synergy with our meat flavour experts.
Chef style seasonings inspired on the Mediterranean, American, Eastern European and oriental cuisine.
Natural and stable savoury profiles in dustings for bread croutons.
Flavour solutions for microwaveable pop-corn and for slurries applied in roasted nuts.

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